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Melissa Maya Pottery

Earrings and Pendants Workshop

Earrings and Pendants Workshop

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Workshop - 57 min

During the workshop you will be learning everything I know about making earrings and pendants for necklaces. I will start by going over making studs, dangling earrings, and necklace pendants from clay. After that I will show you how I fire them as well as how I finish them with hooks and stud backs. 

This workshop is meant for absolute beginners and intermediate potters!

Making jewelry is a great entry into the ceramic world since they are so small so you don't need a big kiln (or wouldn't take much room in a shared kiln) and you don't need a wheel or much fancy equipment. I have posted a supply list of what I used in this workshop here

I also love jewelry as a way to make tiny wearable versions of your art you're already making! Taking some of the techniques you use on mugs or sculptures and applying it to jewelry can be so much fun!


After completing your purchase you will see a download that is available to you. This digital download is an image only that has the instructions on it with the website for the video and the password. Depending on how you are viewing the image some people will be able to click the link on the image and some will have to copy and past it. 

The workshop is hosted on Vimeo where you can stream or download the video. This has been pre-recorded and so is not a live workshop and can be viewed at any time and does not expire


Please email me if you have any questions about ordering these workshops or if you a have an issues accessing them after you order.

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