How do you sell your work? 

I sell most of my work (particularly mugs and planters) through "Shop Updates". This means that I work on a new batch of work and post it all at the same time to my shop. Before the update I will put a preview up so you can see what will be in my update.

For the Update Preview I will have a listing for each item that will be available during the Shop Update. Each picture will be labeled with a number, price, and size (ounces if it's a cup). This way you can make a note of which pieces you are looking to get during the update. 

During the preview items will be listed as "Coming Soon" and then will become available to order at the time of the update.

I have ready to ship work in my shop when available. Typically you'll see earrings, other jewelry, stickers, prints, etc. 


How quickly does your work sell?

Work in my updates can go pretty quickly so I recommend trying to get there at the time of the update if possible. You can create an account here on this website ahead of time and save your mailing address.


How do you price your shipping?

Everything has FREE US SHIPPING!! 

The free shipping is only for US customers, there will be shipping added to international orders. Please keep in mind if you are ordering internationally I cannot guarantee shipping times or customs charges. 

What's the best way to contact you?

I try to respond to messages on Instagram but sometimes that can get away from me. You can also send me an email at melissamaya.pottery@gmail.com.


Where do you sell your work?

You're so close... click here to new my shop!